Wednesday, October 08, 2008

a quiet moment, after another day is done.

my mind seems clouded. there are some lingering thoughts in the directions of my thesis research, but there is little time to entertain them.

i'm not griping about teaching. i'm not exactly griping, either. life's not bad. this is just an attempt at understanding where i am.

i'm at a new position at a familiar university, working with a new colleague who's smarter AND faster than me. i guess i'm too used to working with an advisor who waits or slows down for me to catch up. i forget that i'm supposed to be something like an equal to faculty members that i know, to stand toe to toe and work just as well.

this will take some getting used to. i will have to become better.

there seems little time for anything more than the daily grind. i haven't been sleeping very much lately.

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