Friday, October 03, 2008

a mathematician by any other name ..?

sometimes i miss being just Janus [1]. on most days and in most correspondences, i'm Dr. So-and-So. \:

[1] real names withheld, for some semblance of anonymity.


Leanne said...

I hear you... Half the time I still have to resist encouraging them to call me by my first name, and the other half I'm not remembering that when someone says "professor," they're usually talking to me.

But I do have one student who keeps calling me "Dr. Me." That drives me crazy; the norm for the rest of the college is Prof, and "Dr. Mylastname" is one of my cousins.

janus said...

related to this, Dr. Last-Name doesn't bother me that much, but Prof. Last-Name does.

i would balk at being called a college professor, because that's not my title and i haven't gone through the ordeals of the tenure process.

I know what you mean by being called Dr. Last-Name, though: my father and my sisters have that same title.