Sunday, October 26, 2008

huzzah! weird spe11ing → an0nymity!

just now i ran a search on "maτh j0bs w!ki" [1]. in the first 50 hits, there was no presence of this b1og or separate sub-pages from previous posts of this b1og.

it has finally become an0nynous with respect to rum0rs about j0bs in maτhemati¢s. in other words, i can rant and ramble about mathemati¢s in sec1usion again!

i have observed the same an0nymity when running a search on "maτh gr@d sτudent." once upon a time, i was in the first 5 hits. now i am nowhere near the top 50.

ah. life may not be good, but an0nymity certainly is!

[1] not exactly those alphanumeric strings, but you know what i mean. if i spelled them as words, then 90091ε would inevitably use their algos again and find this b10g. that would defeat the purpose of keeping this bl0g under the radar!


Another Analyst said...

"m@th j0bs rum0ur$" has you at number 4 on google. That's how I found this blog.

janus said...

crap .. oh well. i'll have to proceed with funny re-spellings on older posts, then.

thanks for stopping by, AnAn, and i appreciate the help with your own misspellings. (: