Thursday, October 09, 2008

in which 90091ε sees all.

you have got to be kidding me. as of now, this bl0g is hit #1 for "m@th 9rad student" under g0o9le sear¢h.

in efforts to hide from g009le,
i am hereby obscuring any terminology related to mathemati¢s or b10gs..

for there must be better references and websites for that sort of thing, other than this bl0g. besides, i'm a postd0c now, not a student ..

.. but does 90091e notice? no. q;


Leonid said...

There is a number of pages that link to your blog (a lot more than link to my webpage). Google sees the context of those links (math, graduate school), which you can't hide with funny spelling.

janus said...

i suppose it is futile.

oh well. at least my homepage isn't as often visited or popularized.