Wednesday, October 01, 2008

the calm after the storm .. and other idle bits [twice-edited]

all is right in the world again,
and none of my students are especially panicked.

this week, only one of my students has attended my office hours. (;

added 17:22 -
it was 2 or 3 years ago, back in ann arbor, when the einstein bros bagels on state street closed down. i felt like a guilty customer, back then, because i may have bankrupted them. it was a fine place to dwell in the summer: good air-conditioning, free coffee refills, and free wifi.

it must have been the free refills. back then, i drank more coffee than i should have. i still do, but less so.

6 or 7 years ago, there was this one coffee stand in the engineering building at pitt where i would buy a quick bite to eat, between classes. it's still there ..

.. but in the form of an EINSTEIN BROS BAGELS!!!!! it's not as grandiose as, say, an espresso royale caffe (at the corner of south and east u aves, in ann arbor town), but i was just happy that the coffee stand didn't perish under renovations.

perhaps, i will work there in the afternoons. the windows are large and the cafe tables are probably empty when the engineers have had their fill of lunch and coffee.

added 18:24 -

having just opened up a PDF copy of c. vi11ani's draft of a book, 0ptimal Transp0rt, 0ld and New [link], one thing startles me.

it's 998 pages long. i know there is a lot to say about 0ptimal transp0rtati0n, but i didn't know that it was that much!

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