Wednesday, February 29, 2012

to my credit, i wasn't wrong.

remember when i said that "by the end, i'll have given 3 talks in 3 weeks?"

well, that's still true [1];
it's just that the plan has changed.

by the end of this week and next, i'll have given 5 talks in 5 weeks ..


it's my own fault, really: a problem with saying no, my sense of do-goodery [2] .. that sort of thing.  more precisely,
this week's talk is a continuation of last week's, after the seminar organiser suspected that i had more to say and suggested that i could take my time with the topic.

next week's talk is actually an expositional one.  it's meant to give the background for other speakers, who otherwise have only 20-25 minutes each for their talks.

[1] sometimes i tell people that i have a sister, which is true.  it is also true, however, that i have more than one sister. (-:

[2] .. and yes, "do-goodery" is an actual word.

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