Thursday, March 01, 2012

the troubles of time zones, even when not traveling.

a friend of mine once suggested to me that jet lag is the difference in time that your soul takes to catch up with your body.

in retrospect, it reminds me of the storyline from eastern standard tribe, by cοry dοctorοw.

one oddity about eastern european time is that the end of the "usual" workday here is approximately the start of the workday on eastern standard time.
as a consequence, my american colleagues usually don't email me until i'm heading out of the office for dinner (or a road run).  instead, i get most of my messages at night.

the same thing happens for facebook updates .. which, i suppose, is a good thing: fewer distractions, right?
then there are ways to exploit the time difference.  if you are unlucky enough to ..
  1. be on the job market,
  2. live in europe,
  3. prefer to return eventually to the united states,
  4. and have a lot of work to do,
.. then typically you might find yourself completing a full day of work, and then doing your applications at night.

as you may imagine: productive or otherwise, this gets very old .. very quickly.

it's not that i specifically choose this routine myself.  it's just that the last-minute procrastination, so inherent in my nature, causes this to happen automatically.

well, at least this last round of applying and hiring is ending.  i feel like taking off for a holiday ..

in other news, the preprint i've been working on is still short:

at one point it grew to 15 pages, even creeping onto the first few lines of page 16 .. but now it's back to 13 pages.

13 (thirteen!) tight-knit pages, man.

i'm set:
i might submit it tomorrow!

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