Wednesday, February 01, 2012

short and sweet!

awesome: the preprint so far is under 10 pages.
this rocks!

though the writing is tight, the discussion is not too spare.  in fact, there are ..

* flips pages *
* counts *

.. at least 4 pages of set-up, in the event that the reader knows nothing about the subject. [1]

this suggests, of course, that the work is not deep .. which i admit is true.  i prefer to think of it as light-hearted, myself.

put another way, this is no marathon or triathalon;
it's like your friendly neighborhood 5K or a sunday bike ride.

*  *  *

too often i feel like my work is overly technical and painful to read (as well as to write) and that the ideas are hard to state simply.

with this little paper, this is not the case.  it really is a simple idea!
basically, i'm treating a metrιc question in euclιdean spaces, and exploiting the fact that smooth 1-fοrms are good objects with which to test 1-dimensiοnal currents.  in the obsolete format of analogies from standardised tests, the intuition is that ..

curreηts : generalιzed surfaces :: distributiοns : generalιzed functiοns.

anyways, back to work: the preprint won't write itself, and it hardly seems like work at all ..

[1] for those of you who know me personally, i suppose this is in keeping with my manner.  it seems that every time i give a talk, at least half of the contents are expositional.

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