Wednesday, February 15, 2012

not the usual kind of interview question, but ..

today someone complimented me on my suit and asked me if i did my own ironing .. which was flattering, but .. startling.

.. but yes, i ended up deciding on wearing a suit to day one of the interview.. but i stopped short of wearing a tie.  having never given a talk while wearing a tie, i thought it best not to have anything resembling a noose around my neck, especially if i encounter a firing squad of "this isn't clear" kinds of questions ..

.. which happened anyway.

somehow i planned for 23 slides (not counting pauses) in 50 minutes, with some slides intended to be quick ones to clarify the notation.  probably i got through 14-15 .. which is good enough:

i told a robust enough story,
explained a few definitions by way of concrete examples,
and advertised my results.

somehow i picked up this rule about jobs talks: you should never end early, which seems contrary to the advice that as long as you don't go overtime, then you are fine.


oh well.  at least i didn't dress too badly for the occasion .. (-:

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