Thursday, February 02, 2012

i used to be cleverer when i was younger ..

no, i am not jεnna burkε from the bachelοr, for i am far uglier and i do maths.  you can find her here instead.

while loading up my web browser today, the mathscinet search page appears .. and suddenly i'm confused:
ye gods: what article did i want to look up?
i'm so forgetful .. what could it have been?

i mean, lately i've been thinking about this theorem and how to extend it,
but there's nothing in the literature that fits .. i checked already ..
then it occurred to me: it's the start page.

why is it now the start page?!?
but then i remember ..

[[[ rewind to yesterday ]]]

i'm loading up the web browser, intent on looking up a reference and the statement of a particular lemma, and so my start page appears ..

.. which is gmail.

absently i log in, and there are emails to reply.  so i start replying, wondering what to say for one particular message ..

.. and 20 minutes later, i realise that i never ran the mathscinet search!

*argh* ..!

an idea immediately comes to mind.  clicking on "settings," i switch my start page to mathscinet.
well, if i forget again and do what my browser tells me to do,

then at least i'll be directed towards mathematics,
which is a more productive form of confusion and misdirection ..
[[[ fast-forward back to today ]]]

i sigh and press Alt-F4, and the browser window disappears .. but then i remember that i wanted to check my email.

i'm about to click on the firefox icon, but my LaTeX is suddenly staring at me .. so i give up.
i probably don't have any new mail .. and if i do,
it's probably not important: i'll do it later.


sometimes my past self is too smart for his .. er, my own good .. (-:


Anonymous said...

a reminder: you have comments on your lj feed.

janus said...

thanks for the heads up, Anon:

i've not checked the syndication feed there in a while .. perhaps for more than 2 years?

between lj and blogger (2x) and facebook, perhaps i should start cutting down on something.