Saturday, May 14, 2011

mathematicians amongst mathematicians.

thursday afternoon we're in a van, driving to a conference. i take out a paper and began to read.

one of my colleagues asks me, "janus, are you working?"

i grin. "refereeing a paper .."

.. which becomes a lively discussion on the annoyances of refereeing and reviewing papers.
today afternoon, we're back in the van, heading home. i'm editing a printout of my manuscript. a friend also takes out a printout, clearly formatted in amsart.
"say, are you editing a preprint?" i ask.

"actually, i'm refereeing this article," he replies ..
mathematicians are predictable: at one point during the ride back:

one of us was refereeing,
another was latexing,
another was reading a paper,
and i was editing that preprint that i've been constantly writing about here and there.

there have been some posts i've been meaning to write here, including:
  • thoughts on how the "intro to proofs" course went,
  • initial thoughts about leaving the country,
  • life after one postdoc,
  • how the conference went.

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