Monday, April 25, 2011

the joy of writing (with no sarcasm meant, strangely enough)

i don't know what i was thinking, some months ago. for some reason i thought that this one particular project would take only 15 pages ..

.. call it the optimism of beginnings.
already i'm on page 18,
there's still (at least) one technical lemma to add,
and it's missing an introduction.

i would guess now that 20 pages should be about it. based on past experience, however .. let's just say that i'll focus on writing, and it will take as much space as it will need.

this is not to say that the writing is going poorly or painfully. it's quite the opposite, actually, even fun. by putting all of this stuff into LaTeX, i feel like i know one thing particularly well. there's also something enjoyable about phrasing an idea in the exact words that you want them.

i might even throw in a problem or two, if only to reward anyone who will actually read the final version ..
.. with the understood disclaimer that nobody else might find the problem interesting, of course. q-:
i've always liked those articles with explicit conjectures and open questions in them: somehow, it's like "giving back to the community .."

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