Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this picture better be worth a thousand words ..!

maybe it's good not to have too many goals or make many promises.
there are too many interesting ideas out there,
there's never not enough time,
and every co-author eventually becomes impatient.
in other news, i'm still working on this preprint about measurabΙe differentιable structurεs. i think i've created a monster.

to make sure that the theorem is non-trivially new, i've come up with a new example to which the extant theorems do not apply. explaining it is taking much more time and space than i thought, though ..

.. in fact, it's become a new, separate section of the paper!

conceptually, it's not hard; it's a self-similar construction. in fact, it looks like this:

i'm embarrassed to say how long it took me to make this simple image. at any rate, fractals are definitely the analyst's best friend ..! (-:

EDIT @13:19: i uploaded the wrong graphic; the actual set isn't supposed to be symmetric. argh ..

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