Monday, May 23, 2011

in which i should stop writing, so that i can start .. er, writing.

i feel like i've been living under a rock, lately. at the expense of ignoring what my friends and colleagues have been up, i've been focusing on finishing this damned preprint ..


every time i think i'm done with it, another idea or question or doubt comes up .. maybe it's time to quit: leave the write-up alone, imperfect as it is, and come back to those accruing ideas another day.

there are other tasks pending,
such as other joint papers to finalise ..

the joys of more writing!
[sighs again]

maybe i'll finish the introduction tonight, and then it will be ready for private circulation.

admittedly, i had meant this post to be optimistic and positive.

my plan for june and july is to read more maths, think about some new and strange ideas ..

.. maybe they'll lead to new projects? (-:

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