Sunday, May 08, 2011


it's been a quiet week here. thinking back on it, i should either have taken a few days off completely or worked proper, full days.

it was only some days ago that i realised that teaching forces natural breaks in the week, even the day. that said, i'm not used to working 8 hours at a clip, solely on research. instead i worked for most of the daylight, idled after 6pm. even then there were plenty of breaks.

some people are fine taking complete vacations for a week. maybe grad school trauma is still fresh in my mind, but i still can't do it. the last proper vacation i had, going on holiday with my girlfriend at the time:
we climbed in the mornings, to avoid the heat of the midday sun;
while stretched and napped (for hours!) i took out my notebook, listened to the sound of the waves, and work on math.
admittedly, it was one of the best vacations i ever took. the food wasn't bad, either; only in thailand can you have a decent papaya salad.

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