Thursday, May 12, 2011

don't worry: i won't let the door hit me on the way out.

little by little, reality sets in:

it started a few months ago, when i was told that the department extended an offer to a new postdoc in analysis.

huh. so they found my "successor."

about a month ago, one of the departmental staff asked me if i was still going to use my office after the end of finals week.

never mind that he probably does nothing except teach;
what's this about janus doing research?

to my credit, i said that i still had a few projects to finish with faculty, over the summer. the staff didn't bring it up again.

yesterday i received an email from university computing services. unless i contact the network admin, my once-university email will be defunct.

i didn't realise that server space is so expensive,
that the university was managing so many users that they can't spare one more?

i knew, walking into this job, that it would all be over in 3 years. i didn't expect a reward for services rendered ..

.. but it would have been nice to exit gracefully ..


Leonid said...

My departmental account was locked at the end of August 08, but they told me the webpage would be kept for two semesters (without me being able to update it). So I turned index.html into a redirect. Yeah, email forwarding would be nice.

Admins tend to motivate these steps by security rather than cost: For an unaffiliated person to have access to university servers somehow seems wrong to them.

Leonid said...

(Email was still forwarded for those two semesters. After that the account was deleted, any email bounced and webpage returned 404.)