Tuesday, May 31, 2011

admittedly ..

i'm disappointed in my theorem.

it's not as strong as i'd like it to be. then again, i have no choice in the matter. mistakenly i thought that it would cover a larger generality than at first advertised, but i was wrong.

a version of the theorem is still true: there was one missing necessary condition that i only found, after spending a few weeks, searching in vain for an example that would have proven that this new theorem is strictly stronger than previous ones.

even now, i don't know how strong this theorem is, regarding measurabΙe differentiabΙe structures and these strange objects called derιviations ..

so there's still a theorem, but it irks me that i didn't see that additional hypothesis until recently. i thought that i was smarter than that.

the good thing is that i caught it before it came to submission and to print,
but the bad thing is that i have shιtty intuition ..


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