Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#900: sudden idea; also, what's to come.

i've a new idea to prove a conjecture.

.. so now i'll have to figure out what's wrong with it.

for those of you in the know,
yes: it's the same conjecture.
it's always the same conjecture.

at this point this is not just an obsession for me, but also a compulsion (at least in the pop-psychiatric sense).

i've been lazy with new posts on this blog, haven't i?

i thought that by the start of december, my life would slow down, but i was sadly mistaken. my hope is that i was just a month off .. and that this january and february will start a slower pace.
that's the plan, anyway;
if only as a safeguard, i refuse to travel until march ..

.. well, unless i'm invited for an on-campus job interview,
for which i would gladly make an exception. (-;

then again, what are the odds of that happening, in this economy? \-:
anyway .. in no particular order, i'll next write about:
  • how the ιnterviews went,
  • teaching a first course in prοofs for undergraduates,
  • general malaise (or: looking back on these postdoc years).

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