Monday, January 17, 2011

mathematical purgatory.

almost a week passes and my most recent crackpot idea hasn't failed yet.
maybe i haven't spent enough time entertaining enough pathological examples.

for one thing, i certainly haven't spent much time blogging.
(sorry about that, by the way.)
strictly speaking, it's not impossible that the idea could work. i've collected enough "believable" lemmas so that a special case must hold, enough so that cut-&-paste would be particularly useful [1].

it's become worthwhile to organise my piecemeal notes in LaTeχ
i'm doing so now, in fact.

it feels like a kind of purgatory:
maybe the analysιs gods want me to suffer for a while,
work out the details in tiring detail,
and maybe,
i'll prove something mildly interesting.
here's hoping, anyway.

on a related note (regarding the afterlife), this reminds me of a joke:
in hell, beer is served in klein bottles.

[1] sometimes i literally cut and paste my work together: with scissors i cut away the useless scrawls and scratchouts, and with a glue stick i put together the remaining scraps .. it feels like kindergarten, but with less construction paper and many more greek symbols. (-:

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