Thursday, January 06, 2011

mathematicians, mathematicians: almost everywhere!

the last time i attended the joint meetings, it was held in baltimore and i was there for a poster session. my poster wasn't well received .. but then again, the results weren't very good.

overall i remember the experience as being a lonely one, despite the crowd of thousands (of strangers). in the end,

i wandered away to a barnes & noble,
bought a coffee,
started reading comic books,
.. and oddly enough, met a girl. (-:

she was lovely,
we had a pleasant evening,
but i never heard from her again. \-:

8 years later, i'm in new orleans, and the crowds are bigger than ever. it's now the other way around: in every crowd, i could swear that i see someone familiar ..

at any rate, i must be off:
the line for free food shortens.

you can take the boy out of graduate school,
but you can't take graduate school out of the boy ..

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