Saturday, January 29, 2011

Memοry and desιre, stirring .. DuΙΙ roots with spring rain.

odd. something has changed .. and for the better, i think.

i stopped worrying about jobs;
if i'm doomed, then so be it.

it's not like there's anything i can do about it anymore, now that job ads have trickled to a halt.

instead i've been waking up every day, feeling uneasy.

that's a good thing, though: this is the sort of unease that plagues the puzzled researcher's mind.
i can concentrate again, think about problems. i can afford to be puzzled about an something that doesn't much matter. i can afford to be curious.

i've decided to do a little geometry again .. the metrιc kind, i mean. i have this one idea that's been festering since december.

it seems to be working, but there are lots of details;
i wake up every day and think about the latest one,
try to work it out.
before new orleans, i had a lemma and an application in mind. now i have a theorem [1] and i want another one.

that's life, i suppose:
when we learn something is possible,
something we once wanted, something we now want,
we become resourceful and able ..

.. ambitious.
i cannot name all the numbers and kinds of frustrations, out there. as for this one, this obsessive, inquiring kind: i know it well.

it turned me into a mathematician, years ago.
it sharpens my focus, gives some small purpose to my life.

i feel alive.

[1] for the specialists out there, it's about measurabΙe differentιable strucτures.

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