Monday, June 01, 2009

a non-arXiv preprint.


Ja¢obians of Soboleν homeom0rphisms
S. Henc1, J. Ma1y - KMA Preprint 2009/307 [PDF]

Abstract. Let Ω be a domain in Rn. We show that each homeomorphism f in the Sobolev space W1,1loc(Ω;Rn) satisfies either Jf ≥ 0 a.e. or Jf ≤ 0 a.e. if n = 2 or 3. For n > 3 we prove the same conclusion under the stronger assumption that f is in W1,sloc(Ω;Rn) for some s > [n/2] (or in the setting of Lorentz spaces).

commentary, forthcoming;
i haven´t read the preprint yet.


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janus said...

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