Saturday, June 13, 2009

last vs. this weekend; an aside (with links to wikis)

the summer school is over:
two more days before the conference begins.

last weekend was a frustration of mathematical unknowns. i've learned my lesson: no more of that. in fact, i learned more.

i just don't know enough to attack the problem.

the first time -- which made my doctoral thesis -- was more a stroke of luck than anything. rather, the nature of the problem made it possible to treat the case purely as a null set. that was structure enough.

now, the problem is more subtle. the actual mass distributions (from singu1ar me@sures) are much more relevant now, and there are fine structures to build or detect.

in fact, it should really boil down to derivaτive measures of βV functi0ns. i don't know very much about these. when i learn more, then maybe i'll come back to this conundrum of a problem.

at any rate, my girlfriend is visiting, this weekend. there's a whole Old World city to explore and sample.

there is time for work, too.
it's a pleasant thing to date a fellow academic.

they understand when you have to -- er, want to? -- work all the time, because often they're in the same shoes.

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