Tuesday, June 30, 2009

(unexpected) definitions.

earlier today i was browsing the arXiv. upon glancing at the title of this preprint, i suddenly wanted to know what a "supermanifo1d" is.

so i looked up the wiki:

it wasn't what i expected [1]:
"supermanifo1d" isn't the opposite of "submanifo1d."

instead, the "super" part refers to super-symmeτry.

oh well. one more thing to remember, then.

in two separate occasions this month, i've encountered de 9iorgi classes. i may start thinking about them, a little.

[1] admittedly, during the first split-second after reading "supermanifo1d," i imagined a torus .. er, wearing a red cape with an S on it. i subsequently thought mathematically and imagined something more technical.

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Anonymous said...

"Supermanifold" ties in nicely with your kryptonite solution in a tank problem. Indeed, everything is connected.