Sunday, May 31, 2009

may: a retrospective.

the summer school in barcelona is fast approaching. soon i will have to be a proper mathematician again.

it's hard to judge the month of may.
simply put, i was unproductive.

it's easier to justify by saying that i was on holiday, visiting my girlfriend and touring parts of the netherlands, germany, and ireland. all of that is true, which made it difficult, at times, to have a regular working schedule.

i did get some math done, though.

most days i was working when the girlfriend was working, but it was speculative stuff. i wrote a little of a research article i planned, but then the outline had to be changed. there's not much to show for it.

so i spent most of the time i spent indulging myself, by chasing conjectures. as you know from previous posts, this didn't amount to very much.

i guess i'll just call may a mathematical loss. maybe the rest of the summer will be more substantive.

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