Monday, June 08, 2009

what i didn't do, this weekend.

friday: after hearing about various sights to see, i told myself (and others) that i would visit the city center of barcelona, either on saturday or sunday, but not both days. [1]

saturday: i woke up, obsessed. i told myself that i would visit barcelona on sunday. instead, i spent the day pondering and pondering ..

sunday: i told myself that i would visit barcelona next weekend, when my girlfriend will come to visit. so i tried more ideas ..

today: during the coffee break, a colleague of mine asked me how my weekend went. i tried to think of something reasonable to say, but apparently i took too long.

"you worked all weekend, didn't you?" he said, not asked.

he said he could tell from the look on my face, so there was no point in pretending. afterwards we briefly discussed the addictive, crazy nature of mathematical research ..

[1] you see, i was motivated by one of the courses. i wanted to attack one of those conjectures that, from experience, easily becomes an obsession.

for my own good, i think i'll have to set aside this problem again. it leads to nothing but trouble.

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