Wednesday, June 24, 2009

screen ≠ paper: the writing continues.

yesterday i was LaTexing for about 4 hours, and the day before was similar. today i looked at the printout.

for a research note, the computations look gory.

i've even split up several proofs into lemmas because, eventually, i was sick of looking at the endless eqnarray*s of estimates. maybe this will make it more readable, or at least, no less unreadable.

all of this worries me. if i wrote this and i'm sick of these technicalities, then i wonder how forgiving a referee will be ..?

the printout is less than a day old, and every margin is already half-full of edits and comments. screen by screen, it's not easy being consistent with notation.

i'm also getting forgetful.

the oldest proofs look the most like the work of a stranger:

months ago, i worked out why one proof has taken the form that it does. looking through it now, i can't remember why. something goes wrong, but i can't remember exactly what it was.

i mean, the argument is still correct, but not exactly intuitive.

there's not much exposition yet, either.
that's going to be its own headache.

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