Wednesday, May 06, 2009

not the solution i had in mind ..

i know that i can teach 0DE, though not necessarily well;
i know that it's not my favorite area,

but i know that i'm willing to work with them.

there's one project that has sat on the sidelines since ..

.. 2004 or so.

there's an 0DE involved, which arises from the minimizer to a geometric extremal problem: a nonlinear, implicit, 2nd order 0DE. it's ugly. i don't know how to solve it analytically.

so yes: it's time to try numerical approximations.

doing so feels .. incomplete. having been trained as an analyst, maybe i've been conditioned to think that way. nonetheless, it's the only thing left to try.

after a few days in tampa with a colleague, maybe we can finally put this project to rest. there's still work to do, but we now see a way out.

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