Sunday, May 03, 2009


a mathematician not having any good mathematical ideas is a little like a superhero without superpowers.
if you believe that you will regain your powers, at some point, then this period of time is an annoying plot device that must be suffered. there are trials and troubles, especially when watching fully-powered colleagues and strangers perform as usual.
if you don't regain your powers .. well, let's just say that the analogy doesn't extend that far.
sure, there are examples of some superheroes being depowered
-- take M-Day, for instance --

but permanent loss of powers? it's like expecting a main character in sci-fi to die and stay dead.

i'm at a loss for ideas lately. of half the projects i have in mind, nothing seems to be working.

fortunately, there are also some things that i've been meaning to write .. one of which i promised to too many people for too long a time. (never mind that it won't be a very good paper ..)

at any rate, maybe that will spur on some new directions.

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