Saturday, October 16, 2010

can you guess which day the midterm was?

here's a histogram of the recent visitor data for my teaching webpage.

of my 150+ students, half of them took a 9am exam and the other half a 2pm exam. a week in advance, i posted online a review sheet (on what we skipped in the textbook) and old midterm exams, so that the students could use them as study materials.

the day before, the students also had a homework assignment due. (usually i collect it fridays, but the lectures ran late in topics, so i extended the deadline.)


Anonymous said...

talk to my wife about that-her class has a week to do an online assignment. she gets emails an hour before it is due saying they can't get it done cuz the server is running slowly and then they ask for an extension, which is denied.

mmailliw said...

From the graph, I'd guess one day after the peak in data... or October 13.