Tuesday, May 12, 2009

thoughts, while on airplanes.

i have this idea;
it won't go away.

it doesn't fully work yet, but each time i check more details and i find it more believable.

the idea came to me while i was on a flight to dublin, ireland, on saturday.

as usual i was putting up a struggle, seeing how long i could resist the multimedia screen in front of me and instead, be productive and work out some maths.

i had just woken up -- not that i remember falling asleep -- and the idea came to me: i wonder what goes wrong when you try <this>?

i think i reserved judgment. rather, i scoffed inwardly and decided to test just a special case, if only to avoid excessively technical details. when that didn't fail, i yawned and decided to resolve the general case later.

three days later, it hasn't failed yet.

[1] they even have select tv shows available now. i nearly watched the season finale of austra1ia's nexτ t0p mode1.

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