Tuesday, October 23, 2012

mildly interesting: speaking of genius and innovation ..

~ from "how to spot a genius" @scientificamerican:
.. but progress is faster if you are born with the right skills. Personality also plays a role. If you are very open to new experiences and if you have psychopathic traits (yes, as in those shared by serial killers) such as being aggressive and emotionally tough, you are more likely to be considered a genius ..

when i think of aggressiveness [1] and emotional toughness, psychopathy doesn't immediately come to mind.  actually, i think first of successful athletes .. both men and women, actually.

i also wonder if there is a difference between the "geniuses" that are easily spotted, as opposed to the perfectly well-adjusted geniuses that are happy not to be in the spotlight ..? then again, in ακαδημια, it could be the self-promoters that ulitmately win out ..7-:

[1] "aggression" doesn't seem like the right nominative.  i reserve it only when discussing politics, just like how i try to use the word "normalcy" only when referring to the harding administration of the american post-wwi era.

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