Thursday, October 25, 2012

from the arXiv: third derivatives could be useful ..

admittedly, i have always dismissed derivatives of orders 3 and higher.

maybe it's because my background in physics is poor, and i never rightly learned good mechanical interpretations of third-order derivatives.  (i still don't know how to think of them, honestly.)

at any rate, this title/abstract from the arXiv is suggestive.  maybe third derivatives are worth something, after all!

The Taylοr Expansiοn of the Expοnential Map and Geometric Applications

In this work we consider the Taylor expansion of the exponential map of a submanifold immersed in ${\bf R}^n$ up to order three, in order to introduce the concepts of lateral and frontal deviation. We compute the directions of extreme lateral and frontal deviation for surfaces in ${\bf R}^3$. Also we compute, by using the Taylor expansion, the directions of high contact with hyperspheres of a surface immersed in ${\bf R}^4$ and the asymptotic directions of a surface immersed in ${\bf R}^5$.

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