Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mildly interesting: i don't see a singularity .. but still cool.

over at abstractstrategygames they've posted about a so-called singularly chess, where the pieces and rules are the same as usual (western) chess but the boards are non-linearly tiled ..

.. almost like a polar coordinate system;
as a result, pieces move in unconventional ways:

for more examples, visit the abstractstrategygames website (here).

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Daniel said...

I think the singularity comes from the fact that you can't put a homeomorphism on any neighborhood surrounding the center of the board between this chess board and a traditional chess board. You will always be able to construct two straight paths on the map's image that intersect more than once like the rook's move in the image. Since straight paths intersecting more than once is an obvious contradiction to the usual behavior on a chess board, no such map can exist.