Sunday, October 21, 2012

man without an office: disparate bits.

// originally written: thursday, 18 october 2012

i'm currently visiting family;
there was also a marriage ceremony involved, and it went very nicely.

at first i was worried that i wouldn't have time to work, but then i underestimated how often my siblings are on the internet .. whether it be their laptops, phones, or tablets ..

.. so as long as my $\LaTeX$ing looks like web-surfing and i say something both interesting and seemingly-sounding from internet news, then it's all good! (-:

// added: friday, 19 october 2012

i have a bad case of jet lag.

this morning i woke at 4am .. which has its perks: so far i've had 2-3 uninterrupted hours to work before anyone is awake!

// added: later, on friday

so apparently my sister (a postdoc in biology) had already taken a teaching orientation last year .. and therefore she needn't do the scheduled one for this afternoon ..

.. which, in turn, means that
  1. we now have more time to hang out;
  2. i lost those 2-3 hours that i was planning to edit this one write-up .. 7-:
it's like expecting a rainy day:
having made plans to stay in, read, and say .. bake some fresh bread and slowly simmer a pot of soup .. all the while, allowing your mind to wander in and out, grasping aspects of a problem here and there ..

.. all of a sudden it becomes sunny and fine and everyone now want to head out to the beach, play football, and be wild.
this is of course very good .. but it's not quite hot soup and a cozy blanket, you know?

// added: even later, on friday

so while wandering aimlessly through town, we stopped by a used bookstore .. and i stumbled onto a copy of jacques hadamard's the psychology of invention in the mathematical field!

interesting: according to the wiki ..
In sharp contrast to authors who identify language and cognition, he describes his own mathematical thinking as largely wordless, often accompanied by mental images that represent the entire solution to a problem.
at any rate, i love this part of the country ..!

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