Wednesday, October 03, 2012

as an aside ..

i should stop telling people that my work is tangentially related to ΡDEs. it only causes them to ask more questions and if i happen to know how to solve this or that.
this has happened to me at airports,
indoor climbing walls,
and even saunas.

being that my colleagues would be more qualified to handle such questions, maybe i should keep their business cards [1] on hand, so that i can dispatch such inquiries directly to them ..! (-:

[1] .. not that they would actually have business cards, but you get the idea.


Daniel said...

Ha, I know I am somewhat guilty of that. Though, at least I know enough to know that you don't know how to solve PDEs.

janus said...

nah, don't worry about it, Daniel.

it's just that haven't gotten back to (A) a physics acquaintance who asked about convection-diffusion equations and (B) two finance people who asked me about what kinds of functionals could give rise to bipartite probability distributions ..


all in a day's work, really. (-: