Saturday, October 27, 2012

as an aside: rigorous conversation!

sometimes i think that i over-think casual conversation;

for instance, sometimes i forget and think about about how to respond to my friend's "how are you?" when (s)he simply meant hello. [1]

that said, yesterday i met an acquaintance, who is defending his Ph.D. today.  i paused for a second, after hearing the news, and then said:
"it could be that you believe in a completely deterministic universe;
but if not, then good luck!"

to his credit, he smiled briefly.
to be fair, one of my friends from school doesn't believe in luck .. so i never quite know how to wish her well in her endeavors ..

[1] it's not unlike looking at your watch when asked, "do you have the time?"
it is, after all, a yes/no question
.. 7-:

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