Sunday, September 19, 2010

today: a "clip show" of a post.

yesterday was unproductive, but today the ideas seem to be working. rather than take extra time and regale you readers with a longish mathematical parable, think of this post as a "clip show," i.e. one of those television episodes where clips from previous episodes are compiled together.

(most of these are from SMS messages that i had meant to flesh out further. the "original" text of the messages are listed in italics.)

15 july 2010. a fellow postdoc told me that his friend (another postdoc) thinks that i'm a closet geοmeter. i don't know why. do i seem apologetic when i bring up analysιs? have i spoken of grοmov in worshipful ways?

6 sept 2010. during the departmental picnic i tried to convince a new grad student (without success) that my grad school qualifying exams weren't that bad. he seemed the most suspicious of cοmplex analysis.

(in my current department, the first-year exams consist of lιnear aΙgebra and advanced caΙculus.)

9 sept 2010. i generally save critical files in 2+ places that are not directly accessible to each other -- e.g. usb drive and departmental server. if some disaster occurs to one, then the other might survive unscathed. as for the accessibility issue, i prefer that the file exchange require at least a little determination; that way, it might be less likely that i accidentally overwrite the new file versions with their old, obsolete cousins.

in my grant proposal i pose plenty of problems. i just hope that i've come up with enough ideas towards solving these problems. a grant should suggest more than simply my research interests, but also indicate good odds of success.

choosing homework problems is like a buffet-style meal. most dishes are fine, some look quite good, but one often ends up with too much.

12 sept 2010. somehow i work better when next to a window. there is something soothing about being able to stare off into the sky.

18 sept 2010. i just remembered. as a graduate student, i didn't really worry about jobs .. but about my thesis. before he died, i promised the advisor that i'd finish it, defend it by the end of the year. at the time, i didn't plan much else; nothing else mattered. worrying is not new to me, of course, but worrying about my mathematιcal future is pretty new to me.

19 sept 2010. i don't know much about the geometry of baηach spaces, but i like these results. specifically, i'm referring to this paper, which has appeared last year in GΑFA. oddly enough, it's the lemmas which are intriguing to me, which say more about the geometry of "PΙ spaces" than before. i wonder if can use them for this one problem ..

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