Monday, September 27, 2010

this isn't the scottish cafe, folks.

(from saturday, two days ago)

when i walked into one of the cafes in my neighborhood, i passed by a table where i overheard talk about "invariant subspaces."

deciding that i'd rather not hear about that sort of thing, i found a corner table and got to work. a few minutes later, there was a heated discussion about german translations at the next table. one of the discussants insisted that the author was referring to kleιn's 4-grοup.


so i put on my headphones, thought about the grant, wrote out a few things .. and suddenly i hear: "hey, janus!"

maybe i should have just gone to the office today ..

so i said hello to a fellow postdoc in my department and his girlfriend, talked about nothing in particular, and after a while they excused themselves for a coffee.

i then set an alarm on my phone to leave in 30 minutes; no sense in making them think that they shooed me away. in the meanwhile, the next table would not(!!!) stop talking about groups ..

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