Thursday, September 16, 2010

i ♥ DVΙ (also: addenda).

call me old-fashioned, but despite the convenience of the ΡDF format, i still have a soft spot for DVΙ files.

it was designed with LaTeχ in mind,
the files are so much smaller (especially when compared to postscript),
compiling it is slightly faster ..

my only complaint is that DVΙs are hard to view on the web (though there must be some browser plug-in that does the job ..)

in other news, the clock is ticking:
back to working on the grant proposal ..

added @ 15:56: i try and cite rαdemacher's paper about .. well, radεmacher's theorem, as often as i can.

there's something cool about citing a source from 1919 .. (-:

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