Wednesday, September 01, 2010

and now, a histogram.

this is a bar graph of visitors to my university webpage, for the last 30 days. the red bars indicate repeated visits from the same ip address.

30 august was the first day of classes.
i told my students that they had homework due on friday next week -- the 10 of september -- and that the list of problems was on my webpage.
for the record, i have 2 x 75+ students. (evidently it's quite passé just to write down the whole list of problems, when you can simply visit the webpage again.)

today the grant writing didn't go anywhere. i was constantly rephrasing a certain part of the exposition, only to arrive at the same wording, again and again.

i was also constantly looking up articles on mathscinet, in search of references to folklore that i learned but never pinned down. in particular, there was one theorem i had in mind that i was certain someone must have proved ..

.. but i couldn't find such a paper.

who knows? maybe it's actually a new result, and it could make 1/3 of a paper. (stranger things have happened to me before.)

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