Tuesday, September 07, 2010

que sera, sera ..

i think i thought too hard about that project: yesterday i browsed through proofs in several papers and was about to rework them in a different setting. then i remembered:

i'm not supposed to be actively working on this problem yet.
i'm just reading this to know if it's feasible.

remember? grant!?!

so most of today i spent editing my existing proposal -- making it more readable, giving more motivations -- that sort of thing.

i still worry a little about whether the research agenda is "interesting" enough .. but that can't be helped:

i've been trained a certain way as a researcher,
i'm aware of only so many things, expert at so few,

there's only so much time before 5 october ..

so forget about "what could be" --
i'll do my best and write what i can.

on a related note: this morning i went to the office to work, and it was surprisingly productive: this never happens. i didn't even have to close my door.

i thankfully blame the fact that we're still reviewing topics from last term, in my calculu∫ lectures, so the students probably have no questions.

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