Sunday, March 08, 2009

with holidays, math.

currently: i'm on holiday in portland, oregon. powell's books store matches the hype that i've heard: it reminds me of strand bookstore in nyc, except better lit and cleaner.

i cannot seem to escape math, however:

while sitting in the coffee room (where coffee is sold), across the table two students sit down and open up a pre-ca1culus book. one student starts to "tutor" the other about logarithms ..

.. not badly,
but not brilliantly, either;

it's not unlike hearing someone consistently mispronouncing basic vocabulary. eventually you "snap" and correct them, whether they like it or not.

this time around, it was a pleasant surprise for the students -- an "ohhh!" moment. knowing, however, that this would be short-lived (one of the students was a "tutor" after all; best not to steal her thunder) i politely excused myself and moved to another table.

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