Wednesday, March 25, 2009

another month, another mathematical expedition.

this weekend is an AM$ $ectiona1 meeting in Urb@na.

my talk is already written. i have a feeling already that it will be too long, so i've made a contigency plan:

short version: 12 slides
11, if you discount the title page;
10, if you throw away the first page of standard definitions;
12, if you count 2 technical slides, each of which will take twice as long as usual.

(no diagrams.)

long version: 16 slides
15, if title page-free;
13, if you don't count 2 pages of diagrams;
16, if you count 3 technical slides, where each counts twice for time.

as for scheduling, my talk is on the last day, in the final meeting of the session. there is an advantage in this:

previous talks will have discussed standard definitions and theorems a.s. [1], so i can go quickly when they appear in my slides.

on the other hand, this extra time will probably be canceled out. inevitably the meeting will start late ..

.. anyway.

on an unrelated note, this will be the 5th se¢tional meeting that i've attended, thus far.

[1] "almost surely."

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Anonymous said...

As the king of 19 minute AMS talks (think: New Mexico), I just wanted to point out that often technical slides can be omitted for slides that discuss the "big picture". 20 minutes does go by darn fast.