Monday, March 23, 2009

the troubles of being a flatscan.

for those of you who don't read comic books,

kurt wagner is a fictional character from the x-men comic books, and appeared in the second film. his mutant power is teleportation.

jamie madrox is another, albeit minor, character from x-men. his mutant power is being able to make copies of himself.

trevor fitzroy is an x-men villain. as the nemesis of bish0p, his mutant power is actually time travel, though it requires that he sap other mutants of their energies.

any of those mutant powers would be rather useful, especially for me this week. i'm still looking for a teaching substitute for my friday lectures.

if i had such powers, then i wouldn't need a substitute.

i suppose te1epathy would also be a good mutant power for this .. but seriously, would you really want to read the minds of your students? (:

at this point, i would also settle for super-speed or a green lantern ring ..

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