Monday, March 16, 2009

a hopefully (auspicious) day.

happy sqrt(10) day, everyone.

in other news, i finally submitted my thesis article for publication.
let's see how long it takes them to get back to me.

if it gets rejected, then let's hope it's quick,
for a quick-turnaround.


Leonid said...


My word verification is "schiti", but I am sure this has nothing to do with your article.

janus said...

thanks. i'm just glad that it's out of my hands for once. if it returns, well .. i'll deal with that possibility if it occurs.

next: time to write the LW^p stuff. who knows? maybe i can nail the 2-diml case.

Leonid said...

Are you going to post in on arXiv? Most journals either allow this explicitly, or simply don't care.

janus said...

if it gets accepted, then i'll definitely post it on the arXiv. i'm still on the fence on whether it will appear any earlier than that.