Friday, March 06, 2009

i have the feeling that i gave my 0DE students a particularly hard exam. of 60-odd students, only a handful finished early:

one of them did not actually finish the exam. he handed the exam to me and said that he was withdrawing from the course. i wished him luck in his future endeavors; there wasn't much else i could say.

the others finished but a few minutes early. i suspect that they didn't finish everything either, but simply needed to get to another class (as the exam started late and would end in excess of the scheduled class time).

i guess i have to change my scale for measuring time. the plan was for a 50-minute exam; it took me 18 minutes to finish it.

oh well;
at least nobody started crying.

(for the record, students of mine have cried before,
but during an exam would have been a first ..
.. and an annoying first, at that!

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