Wednesday, March 18, 2009

(unexpected) confusion, while browsing a paper.

lately i haven't been sleeping well and my mind feels clouded.

earlier tonight i sat down and turned over a stapled set of pages. the title of the research paper was familiar, but i didn't remember why i was reading it.

i was halfway through the introduction, wondering why the printout was one-sided and why the last pages were missing. [1]

then i remembered:
i had meant to use it as scratch paper.

so .. yes,
not one of my better moments;
interesting paper, though.

[1] lists of references can be incredibly useful. they suggest the author's motivations. they are not unlike a prerequisites on a course syllabus, too: what one needs to know in order to understand the paper at hand.

not being a well-read mathematician, i always welcome any help i can get!

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