Wednesday, August 01, 2012

work-in-progress, part 2 of 4: lamentations.

there's more to the story, of course;
i wouldn't advertise four parts otherwise!

for those of you who are curious and want to know, right away .. yes: there's is a not unhappy ending. bear with me, though ..

// initially written: sat, 21 july 2012 //

when i think about it, there would have been an easy way to avoid all of this stress:
all i would have had to do [1] was recycle a talk from before,
instead of having insisted on discussing something completely new.
it would have been the safest bet,
the easiest approach .. but when have i ever been that wise?
then again, "easy" is overrated. q-:

stay long enough in this business, and you can hack your own habits.

over the years i've learned that i work well, but not necessarily better, under a deadline or some other constraint. this is especially true for ones that i cannot circumvent easily or without cost.

the reason, i think, is that there is neither room nor time for any debate:
when there is something that must be done,
in the here and now, then you do it [2];

it's that simple.
sometimes thinking is the enemy to progress;
other times, it is our closest, most valuable ally. [3]

[1] for a past conditional statement, i think it correct to use the pluperfect subjunctive mood, though i could be wrong. at any rate, who says that english is easy? q-:

[2] that said, i am terrible at keeping open-ended promises. (ask my collaborators and co-authors.) in fact, it's for close-to-the-same reason: when you stack your schedule and your mindspace with urgent tasks, then anything that can wait .. will wait.

[3] i get the feeling that most people don't have this problem. then again, this blog is called "the (frustrated) overanalyst" for a reason, you know ..

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