Monday, August 20, 2012

research, in medias res: you know what's cool? (updated)

geοmetric measure theοry (gmt) is cool, really cool.
it's so cool that, at this moment, i think this stuff is cooler than elvis presley!

.. and, as you know, elvis is pretty cool.

man, i wish i could be a geοmetric measure theοrist ..

to elaborate, sometimes mathscinet is like wikipedia: you look up one thing [1], then after clicking on one of the references ..
.. then another ..
.. and another ..
.. maybe just one more ..
.. and pretty soon, you have a dozen tabs open.
so you start reading quickly. your short-term memory starts filling up quickly too, but before you're overwhelmed by the details, you realise that you've stumbled onto a mathematical thread, tracking the progress of a past line of inquiry:

what the questions were and what theorems came up,
who collaborated with whom,
what was never solved ..

[1] TIL that my newest result uses a certain construction from gmt from the 70-80's. apparently i'm not as innovative as i'd like to be .. but then again, that means that i can cite their work and not use up pages and pages to prove the same results! q-;

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